Todd Armstrong: Comedian

Twitter validates my brand of funny everyday, so I must be doing something right with the stupid things I blurt out. And I never let it go to my head. But to know there's currently 919 people who follow my inane dialogue for some reason. But I don't consider myself a comedian. I'm just honest. 

I realize that I mimic the comedians I really enjoy. The sad bastards. The self loathers. The sad sacks and fall out boys. The ones that are honest in their delivery and never pander to their audience. Todd is a prime example of honest comedy in Portland. His current project Permanent Comedy is starting to take off as a promising web series that will yield lots of belly laughs and knowing nods. Especially if you're from Portland. Where as it turns out is THEE new hot spot for comedy. As a newer booming region for TV and film, actors and comedians alike are flocking to the PNW to see what we're all about. (Thanks Portlandia.)

I see Todd pretty often because he lives with Portland's own, Ganja Jon. And as Jon and his wife are close friends of mine, it's only natural that Todd and I would have a fast friendship. He's legitimately funny and keeps everyone engaged, no matter who he's talking to. I learned there's a difference between club comedians and casino comedians. I've also learned that the niche of comedy I like is called guilt based. which like, if you KNOW me...Totally sums me up pretty well. (Maron, Louie, Carlin, L.Black, ect...). 

Friday I had the chance to catch up with him and freshen up his head shots.