I went to California.

...And I came home with an awful god damned sunburn. Because I'm a proud idiot who boasts she can hang with the pre season sear of my flesh to make way for Cancer and other such neat ailments that come with age. 

Regardless, I got some pretty decent photos. I went with my friend Lisa, to see her BFF Amanda in Eureka.  A beach town that reminds me of my own hometown, but if it were nestled on the ocean. Which is way cool. 

We spent a lot of time hiking Elk Creek, driving through the Avenue of Giants, Moonstone Beach at Big Lagoon State Park, and random little turn out all over the place. The North coast is the most beautiful place in the world. And I say that because it's the only beauty I've ever experienced first hand. I'm pretty lucky to live within 10 hours of the most awesome scenery in the country. 

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