A call to wild women...

Make raw portraits of the inner wild woman. I want to capture your essence in the magic of the outdoors where spirit and bone meet to reveal our most potent selves.
— Carrie Hilgert, Artist

Spirit and Bone: A call to wild women

I haven't been doing much lately. Artistically, mentally, physically...  And by "lately" I mean since January. 

I can't help but blame most if not all of it on my anxiety/depression. It's what they call "general" but it doesn't feel very general... It feels very overwhelming some days. And yet, I still manage to write down ideas, and wax poetic with friends about their creative endeavours, and here I am yearning to create....but what?  

I've been feeling a pull back to the woods. To my childhood spaces that made me feel at home and protected. I've always wanted to shoot those spots and create physical images of my memories growing up in the woods.  But having a day job and little time to take off and just drive North really doesn't fly in my life. So I'll have to make due with the Oregon wilderness... 

I made a friend quickly in Carrie Hilgert. She's a fantastic artist who I've seen a muse through. She gets it. And has inspired her Spirit and Bone Project. We've both candidly spoke about feeling a pull back to nature, the yearn to dig our fingers and toes into the dirt and connect again. When she introduced this project on her blog I felt compelled to ask permission to mirror or tandem this it because I fell instantly in love with it.  With her blessing to go forth and capture the spirit of the wild women in my life, I'm full of inspiration and direction.

So what now? What do I need to start this project, too? I need you, wild woman.  Carrie said it best, I really want to respect her message...

"This isn’t about the photos. This is women, walking the Earth together for a couple hours, holding up a mirror for each other’s journey of awakening. Of claiming our lives. Of owning our shit and making our own rules. Of connecting with the Earth. It’s a walk of sisterhood, of discussing the subtle nature of growth. And I bring my camera and document the raw, natural woman in the sacred spaces of nature.

No need to perform, only to just be who you are right in that moment. Breathing in the air around you and grounding down into the Earth. Simple and beautiful."

This will be an ongoing project through this Autumn. I'm hoping to shoot with gals looking to get their feet and faces a little dirty, to muss up their hair a bit, and let the wind chase us to some corners of the Earth.. 

And now, some details:

  • This project aims to keep the spirit of sisterhood and the core of the session being connection.  This will not be a gossip fest, negative energy type situation. The only way to heal Earth, Mom.... Is to heal us, a feminine one. 
  • Other photographers have piqued interest like I have.  To keep the project on an even keel and harmony, the price for this shoot is $200.  I can definitely accommodate some wiggle room if you need to work something out with me! Please don't hesitate to mention it. 
  • Keep your clothing simple and free. Minimal or no clothing is also an option. Minimal or no makeup. Perfectly styled hair not required.
  • If you haven't already, please read Carrie's blog post about the project. It's short but very insightful to the aim. 

I anticipate giving each person I work with all their images! Yours to keep and do what you will.  Please contact me via my contact link at the top of this page or email beeveeimagery@gmail.com if you are interested!