See us shake in the wild distortion...

Date: June 2, 2019
Model: Addison Auxier and his Parents Mckinze and Sean
Location: Their home
About: Mckinze plays a pivotal role in my personal life at my day job as my direct manager!
So I was honored when she asked me into their home for such an intimate experience with their bebe.

From Mckinze’s IG when lil man was born, “While I don't yet have the words to describe this whole
experience (and maybe I never will), I can't say enough about Sean for being my rock and advocate
throughout. My heartfelt thanks to all the friends and family that checked in on us from afar, and the
teams at Midwifery Birth Center and Adventist Medical Center for their phenomenal care.
We're home now and learning to be a family of three (+ cats). 🤗

When the sun starts coming through
Or when the cardinal chides the moon
I believe in energies, that no one has to see for us to prove
I believe in you and me and everything we’ll ever see and do.
— Matt Pond PA
Brenda VaughnComment