2016: Part 1

It's already June.  And I, the master procrastinator hasn't updated in literally 6 months. I've been really wallowing in stagnation, but it's funny how with the renewal of spring brings forth the blossoming of my busy season. I think it's because I honestly feel comfortable in the summer, I loathe the heat because I'm a giant baby in the sun, but man do I create some of my best work!

I haven't shot a lot this year and that's ok, I feel it's been a good time to hone my skills and really overhaul HOW I process my images and  focus on my overall "muchness" of who I am as an artist. Like, WHY do I shoot? 

Anyway, here's the mega update I've been putting off for obviously half a year.  More shoots are scheduled coming up, and I know work begets more work. SO I KNOW I need to keep up on being visible, I understand the importance of not drowning among the other content producers out there. 


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