Summer Sizzle with Holly

Girl, you’ve been meant for this
Since you were born
No problems now (the coast is clear)
It’s just the calm before the storm...
— David Lee Roth

Date: 7/19/2019

Model: Holly

Location: My studio

About: I have been capturing Holly’s moments for the last few years, she’s def a regular by now! So it was natural progression to work with her when she confided in me that she wants to get into modeling. We worked on some digitals she can submit, and of course grabbing some thot shots along the way. 🖤

“A hot girl, he want it
Pull up in that Masera', getting top on lock (Skrr)
They still tryna find a thang that I can't do
I told her “If you go against me, you a damn fool…”
- Megan Thee Stalion